Why you’ve got no chance of making a living out of music

Because statistically it’s a non starter, and as soon as you want to make a living out of it, you start sucking dick and the music turns crap. Usually – but not necessarily.

Most people who do make a living out of music often labour under the misapprehension that their success is due to their own talent, insight, intelligence and good looks. Whereas they usually just happened to coincide with a dip in the social fashion continuum and got thrown off on one. There is success among the genuinely talented and emotionally powerful, but it is all subject to the unpredictabilities of chance, market positioning and industry bribery. There is no formula or helpful foresight, other than knowing that if you don’t get off your butt, you ain’t gonna get that gold disc. It also helps to be good looking, have an attitude, a great voice, corking songs with a good hook, a rich well-connected manager, a good PR company etc etc. But these are neither necessary nor sufficient conditions for achieving anything.

If it’s millions you’re after, the statistics get even worse. Wait until Elton, Michael, and Billy retire or die.

If it’s TV theme tunes you’re after, move to London, get matey, and prepare to kiss your health, your life and your girlfriend/boyfriend goodbye in favour of shrinking budgets, deadlines measured in minutes, and plummeting programme quality. Again, you may avoid all of these pitfalls, but don’t bet on it.

If you want to get rich selling your precious art, remember that in order for a song to be popular, lots of people have to like it. Just because a song is popular doesn’t mean that it’s not good art or that it’s crap, and just because a song is unpopular doesn’t mean it’s great art or a great song. In the same way that a fat ugly woman is not necessarily really nice, loving and interesting, and a beautiful model is not necessarily shallow, boring and manipulative. Equally, if a song is not popular but you like it, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good or bad song – it just means that you like it and others don’t. If you want to sell records, people have to like your song(s). That shouldn’t be the prime consideration in writing the songs – just be aware of it when selecting the songs to offer for sale. Some art should definitely go into private collections. Before the auction.

Taken from Rationale & Rhyme & Reason

3 Replies to “Why you’ve got no chance of making a living out of music”

  1. Let me guess… You didnt have the talent to make a career of music, so you decided to sharpen your ego by posting this blunderous spew. Writing great music will do, donkey.

  2. Ha ha! Actually, I didn’t write it, I just thought it was amusing.

    I also have never really harboured any pretensions about ‘making it’ in the music business. It’s enough for me to make loud noises at home with guitars for fun.

    The link at the end will bring you to the site I ‘borrowed’ it from.

    (I do like being called a donkey though – that’s a term of abuse which is much neglected these days. I shall make an effort to use it more.)

  3. “making it” can be considered many many things, i hvae only been a musician for a few yrs and have been called by many a prodigy. point is i dont need nor want a mansion or a lambo, just enough to make a living off of what it is i love..music..chances must be better in reguards to that realm

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