Flexibility is a virtue

It is only in the field of politics that it’s considered a virtue for a person to state on Monday ‘this is my opinion and I can promise it will still be my opinion on Wednesday, regardless of what happens on Tuesday.’

Fermet’s Last Conjecture

As everyone knows, Fermat’s Last Theorem goes as follows:

If an integer n is greater than 2, then the equation an + bn = cn has no solutions in non-zero integers a, b, and c.

In 1637 Pierre de Fermat wrote, in his copy of Claude-Gaspar Bachet’s translation of the famous Arithmetica of Diophantus, “I have a truly marvellous proof of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.” For 357 years, the theorem went unproven (thus being more accurately termed a conjecture rather than a theorem) until it was finally proved in 1995 by Andrew Wiles.

However, much more interesting is that Pierre de Fermat appears to have been a dead ringer for Mel Smith. Bizarre. I wonder if Mel is any good at maths?

Not at all odd. Honest.

Japanese anime is disturbing on many levels. This is however, the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Anime contact lens, for that big eyed look. No, that’s not even slightly odd. Not at all.

If you want them, here you go.

Lack of bloggage

Well, it’s just laziness, but I guess you knew that.

That said, I’ve turned over a new leaf, so there’s lots of bloggage on the horizon.

Brace yourself hippy, here it comes.