Can you has cheezburger?

I’m strangely drawn to ‘I can has Cheezburger?’, the most disturbed blog on the web. It consists of pictures sent in by fans of small furry animals, usually cats, in humorous pictures with captions.

Most are nauseatingly cutesy – submitted presumably by the same kind of middle-aged woman who wears nothing but pink and thinks the world should have more frills and smell more like perfume.

However, every now and again, something funny crops up.

Hur hur!

Amazingly, this blog shows up every day as the number one most popular blog on wordpress. I don’t know how many people view I can has Cheezburger, but for reference, this blog doesn’t even register on the main league tables at all and it gets around 500 people a day visiting. I’m guessing that many many thousands of people tune in every day to Cheezburger. Strange.

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