Derren Brown’s zombie videogame

I’ve long been a fan of Derren Brown, and first saw this video clip on TV a few years ago. There’s many hours of fantastic TV on youtube featuring this extraordinary man, so if you have time to kill and want to learn a bit about the world around you and the power of perception, check it out.

I’ll blog in more depth about my thoughts on how Mr Brown works but for now, this clip should provide some food for thought, at the same time as scaring the pants off you.

For anyone who has never seen this guy in action, Brown is a genuinely extremely talented hypnotist and mentalist – he specialises in the kind of performance-based stage magic that David Blane can only dream about. He uses no stooges or actors and everything he does and gets other people to do is based on human psychology. Which is scarier, that’s it’s fake or that it’s real. You decide.

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