You’ve never seen Lost?

The first two episodes of series five premiered last night, and after watching the end of series four again to refresh the memory banks, I settled in to find out what’s been happening on the island.

The last time I wrote something about what happened on Lost, I got castigated from a height for publishing spoilers, so I won’t do that again, but man, what a fantastic television series. Series one and two were excellent, but series three really dipped in the middle. Series four was a return to form, and now series five looks again to be fantastic – in particular the thing that people always say is the annoying thing about Lost – that nothing is ever explained – appears to be less of an issue. We got a major plot explanation and then we got dumped down the rabbit hole!

So, if you used to watch Lost and gave up – now’s the time to get reacquainted with a box set or two. If you’ve never watched Lost, well, what can I say? Nothing these guys haven’t already said better!

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