Lost draws to a close . . .

Okay, including What Kate Does we’re now three hours into the final season of Lost. The verdict?

Well, first off the first two hours – the season premier in fact – were absolutely solid. Excellent television – we got the start of the flash-sideways alternate reality device, we got a smoke monster reveal, we got more back story filled out and we got an entirely new setting on the island opened up to us in the form of the temple.

Riveting stuff so far, but not without problems. First off we lost Juliet — apparently because she’s contracted to work on V — and I also find myself slightly disappointed in the whole smoke monster reveal, or at least the part of it that has been revealed so far.

“I’m sorry you had to see me like that.” Hmm . . . okay it was obviously very surprising, and I doubt many people saw that coming and while I’m not saying it’s not entertaining . . . I just wonder where they’re going with this one.

Likewise, the temple section is interesting but who the hell are all these people, including Dogen, and where did they come from?

How many others are there or have there been? Are these other others? Or other other others?

Are these guys meant to have been there all along? Hmmm, time will tell.

You’ve never seen Lost?

The first two episodes of series five premiered last night, and after watching the end of series four again to refresh the memory banks, I settled in to find out what’s been happening on the island.

The last time I wrote something about what happened on Lost, I got castigated from a height for publishing spoilers, so I won’t do that again, but man, what a fantastic television series. Series one and two were excellent, but series three really dipped in the middle. Series four was a return to form, and now series five looks again to be fantastic – in particular the thing that people always say is the annoying thing about Lost – that nothing is ever explained – appears to be less of an issue. We got a major plot explanation and then we got dumped down the rabbit hole!

So, if you used to watch Lost and gave up – now’s the time to get reacquainted with a box set or two. If you’ve never watched Lost, well, what can I say? Nothing these guys haven’t already said better!