Pop culture’s on an uphill slant

What’s happened to the world in the last six months? Everything’s seems to be getting better!

Lost has just finished series four – and it was the best yet. Not since I feverishly wondered what was down the hatch at the of series one have I tuned in as urgently to Sunday night TV. The finale was awesome – seriously cool and I can’t wait until next January when series five starts.

Benjamin Linus is by far the best bad guy ever to make it into a TV series. Tony Soprano eat your heart out. This guy is just fabulously written, acted and portrayed.

Meanwhile Battlestar Galactica has been merely good, as opposed to the excellence it had in previous years. However, that doesn’t matter because The Cure are on tour, playing vast chunks of the as yet un-released 13th album, due in September.

(This clip is of the sublime new track Underneath the Stars, played two days ago in Dallas.)

I’m a life long Cure nut, but truthfully, it’s been quite a few years since I haven’t had to really try to like their new material. However, the new stuff is just awesome – it’s at least as good as Disintegration (the holy grail of Cure albums – for the uninitiated just know that all new cure material is compared to Disintegration, and usually found lacking.)

The new stuff kicks ass though – you can find bits of it on youtube as it’s played live but they’ve also started releasing singles again, – one on the 13th of each month up until September 13th. The first two are out.

The first – The Only One – was pretty good. Not earth shattering, but definitely quality stuff. Then they drop this!!! The frankly awesome Freakshow is on sale tomorrow and you can hear around 1:30 mins of it at www.thecure.com and I’ve had it on loop for the last hour. It’s the grooviest thing I’ve heard since Disco Inferno. Who would have thunk Smith would still have it in him, edging as he is towards 50. I just know this is going to rock hard.

And when it comes to video games, Grand Theft Auto IV has just been fantastic – I’ve seriously never played a game as well concevied as this, and I’ve been spending obscene amounts of time in front of video games since 1986. We’re on an uphiull slant people – enjoy it while it lasts!

2 Replies to “Pop culture’s on an uphill slant”

  1. I can’t go near GTA. I played Vice City and months of my life seemed to slide by.

    BSG started off well this season, I thought, but has slowed down a bit. I guess the writers strike had something to do with it…

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