Pictures of you

I got sent this link earlier today by a friend who knows I’m a big fan of The Cure. It’s a newly released advert from Australia about the dangers of driving too fast that uses a version of a song by The Cure called Pictures of You to show the effects on people left behind. I clicked casually on the link and watched the commercial, not really caring but just wanting to hear a new version of a song I like.

It stopped me dead in my tracks and is a very powerful powerful piece of film making – perhaps the most powerful I’ve seen online. Everyone who drives a car should be required to watch this.

It’s very sad, and to my mind much more effective than the shock ads that are shown on TV here depicting people torn up in accidents. I don’t know about you, but I just change the channel when those come on TV. The truth is that the carnage of a road accident is temporary and is seen by very few people, whereas the emotional aftermath is long-lasting and devastating. Road safety authorities all over the world should watch this and re-examine how they try to build awareness of the dangers of driving too fasts.

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