Speed cabling – nice . . .

I had to laugh when I read this. I’ve just finished re-cabling my office (to take into account a newly purchased 500 gb external hard disk I’m now using for backing up my work archives and records) and so have spent a nasty dusty messy and frustrating hour untangling the rat’s nest of cables behind my desk.

A new “sport” based around unravelling the mass of wires that can typically be found beneath computer desks the world over is taking off in the western US.

The first “speedcabling” competition took place in an art gallery in Los Angeles and was won by LA-based web developer Matthew Howell.

A good 30 per cent of the cables behind my desk weren’t actually connected to anything at all! Anyway. There you go. I bet you feel intellectually richer for having read that, don’t you?

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