Bringing out the big guns

I’ve just checked my blog stats for the last few days, and as a result of me posting my guns piece below, there has been a massive increase in visitors over the last few days – with 180 people visiting today so far.

Neat or slightly freaky? I don’t know – maybe some of you could leave some comments and let me know why you’re searching wordpress blogs looking for references to the word ‘Gun’, ‘Guns’, ‘GUN’ or any variant therein. Is there some tie in to a news story concerning guns in the US or some other reason why people are doing this search today, but not yesterday?

Enquring minds want to know!

EDIT:Please? A further 222 people have viewed this page since I put this up (on top of the original 180) and not one comment? Come on, put us out of our misery – why are you searching for the word ‘gun’ on the internet? You don’t work for the CIA do you?

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