Watch them shuffle out of the way

A friend sent me a link to this video on youtube this morning. I’m just back from a two week training trip and so I find this particularly entertaining. In Japan, bizarrely, bicycles have right of way on the footpath. Why, I have no idea, as it makes no sense whatsoever when there are perfectly good roads all over the place, but as a visitor you’ll frequently find yourself wondering why cyclists expect you to get out of their way when they come up behind you on the footpath ringing their irritating little bells.

Now, armed with that nugget of information, watch this video and see how this person came up with an innovative way to make navigating busy tokyo streets that bit easier. I particularly like the way it works indoors, on escalators and in places it’s very hard to imagine people are expecting to hear a bicycle bell!

I really love the almost pavlovian way that people wander into single file – excellent!

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