Dog leash goths ‘hounded off bus’

I know it’s cruel to laugh at the afflicted, but I nearly fell off my chair today when I read this story.

Dog leash goths ‘hounded off bus’

And yes, it is exactly what the headline sounds like it is. The photo is the best bit.

A goth who leads his girlfriend around with a dog lead and collar was stopped from getting on a bus amid fears for passenger safety, a bus firm confirmed.

Dani Graves, 25, and his fiancee Tasha Maltby, 19, of Dewsbury, West Yorks, claim they have been discriminated against by bus firm Arriva Yorkshire.

Seriously, you should read the story for full effect. Fantastic – the world needs more people like Mr Graves and Ms Maltby. (I’ve only just noticed this guy’s second name as I type this – it gets better! ha ha ha!)

One Reply to “Dog leash goths ‘hounded off bus’”

  1. Weird. Really, really weird.

    I had a theory back in my high school days that they should allow a goth season. Kinda like duck or deer season. But you get to shoot goths. Limit of two a season.

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