Catwalk fabulous . . .

So my incredibly talanted sister Deborah* and her guru-like husband Charlie had a triumph last night (in the Latin sense of the word) when they held their first catwalk fashion show in Dublin city at the uber-trendy Fallon & Byrne on Wicklow Street. Deborah and her friend Aideen Bodkin have worked in fashion for a long time, but decided to hold a show together during Dublin Fashion Week and it appears they are the Hotted Things in Town(tm) right now.

The show was thronged – absolutely packed out with journalists, fashion buyers, models and supporters. A couple of hundred people packed in to watch the show and they weren’t disappointed. I don’t know a huge amount about fashion, but I was blown away by the creativity and talent on display. And it seems that the press in attendence were too.

This morning, there is more newsprint dedicated to this show than I’ve ever seen for any publicity event, let alone fashion show. There is acres of coverage in The Irish Indendent, The Irish Times, The Examiner, The Daily Mail, Herald AM and probably more I haven’t seen.

This fantastic picture was published in a huge print on page two of today’s Irish Independent. (I hope the photographer who took it doesn’t mind me ‘borrowing’ it temporarily for non commercial use!) Whoo hoo! Congrats Debs!


(*For the record, all my family are fabulously talented in their respective fields.)

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