How brass is your neck?

My award for brass neck of the week goes to the fantastic Cosimo Mele, of the Christian Democrat UDC party, deputy for the constituency of Brindisi in Southern Italy. He was caught in flagrante delicto with a prostitute this week in Rome, when the girl was rushed to hospital apparently suffering the effects of a cocaine overdose.

What would you do if you were in Mr Mele’s shoes? Apologise to your wife and family? Say your sorry? Promise never to do it again? Well, you could do those things, I suppose. Or you could brazenly decide you done nothing wrong and go on the attack.

Here’s what he apparently said to the La Stampe newspaper in Rome.

“Of course I identify with Christian values but what have those got to do with going to bed with a prostitute? This is a private matter.”

“Are you saying that I cannot be a good father and a good husband just because after five, six days away from home, I had a little adventure? My electors do not give a damn if I go to bed with a prostitute. What they want is for me to resolve our problems, the problems of our area.”

Ha ha! An adventure! The man is a born politician.

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