In print at last!

So it seems I’ve finally made it into print in book form, although not perhaps in the way I’d been aiming.

05-14-2007ngl_14peobriefgvl254unn1.jpgA quote from a review I wrote last year for Mia Gallagher’s excellent Hellfire novel has been reproduced on the inside cover in the paperback edition. Hurray! Sort of.

(Long time readers of the blog will now that fiction writing is something I’m interested in and I’ve been working on a novel on-and-off for some time.)

And if you’re wondering what this has to do with The Hoff, the picture is one of the first that came up when I googled ‘in print’ in google. Why, I’ve no idea, but does the Hoff need a reason?

Perish the thought . . . Anyway, I’m currently reading Piers Morgan’s highly entertaining Don’t You Know Who I Am? which heavily features The Hoff as one of Morgan’s fellow judges on America’s Got Talent. Very funny and very good reading.

2 Replies to “In print at last!”

  1. Only just noticed the comment Jamie – sorry to take weeks to reply! The hoff is a god in my books. A god of what I’m not sure, but a god without doubt.

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