Blog stats redux and the term gun

I’ve been away from the blog for a little while – went on holiday, had to catch up with lots of work, attended a budo seminar in Athlone, hosted a visiting shihan for a class, got back into some fiction writing – in short I haven’t had a load of time to blog. The result was that the massive number of people who had been viewing this blog – north of 450 a day – dwindled away. They were attracted by the post I made on the Virginia shootings and in particular they found this blog through search engines when they searched for terms like ‘gun’.

So earlier today I looked up my wordpress blog stats to see how many people have been visiting and for the last few weeks it’s been very low – down to nine or ten a day before jumping up to 500 or more over the last few days. Why? I have no idea, for some reason hundreds of people are again searching for terms like gun in every possible permutation and gramatical variation from gun to Gun to GUn to GUN to ‘gun’ to “gun” to . . . well, you get the picture.

So far today, 280 people have searched for “gun” and wound up here, with the second most searched term being “Michael Crichton.” Two people searched for that.

Presumably something happened in the US again which prompted people to go searching blogs using these search terms but it’s interesting to speculate what causes trends like this to happen.

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