Australia by bus? Are you insane?

That’s what I thought when the press release fell into my mail box this afternoon. I get travel related press releases all the time, but I nearly dropped my coffee when I saw this one. There is a new company offering a bus service to take you from London to Sydney . . . by bus!

My god. Can you imagine? It takes 12 weeks and costs a massive £3750 sterling for the privledge, taking in England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia East Timor and finally Australia.

It’s completely nuts. You could fly there business class in 24 hours for less than the cost of 12 weeks in a bus, camping and doing chores by the roadside. I also particularly like the way it takes in some of the World’s most dangerous hot spots on the trip. But wait, there’s more:

Duties can include: cooking, truck/camp cleaning, shopping and security watch; the tour leader may organise a roster at the beginning of the tour so that everyone does their fair share. The advantages of this are meeting local people when shopping in markets, helping the environment by keep campsites and nature spots tidy as well as meeting and getting to know all your fellow travellers. Flexibility is key, an open mind will introduce you to the local delights of the area you are travelling through as well as allow you to enjoy the tour to its fullest.

Ha ha ha – security watch! It sounds great – I’d love to do that. You can find out more

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