Hot Fuzz and Hot Jon redux


I got this e-mail from my long time friend and fellow troublemaker Jonzer, currently living in New Zealand. He says I can post it here as long as you get the back story:

I went along to the promotional signing for Hot Fuzz in Wellington just after the premiere (which I did not know about or would have gone along). Anyway, I made up a “Hot Jon” poster, which is an obscure reference to “Look Around You”, the Tomorrow’s World piss take with Peter Serofenowicz in it. If you have not seen it, in the last episode, which is supposed to be live, Nick Frost is in the audience outside the studio holding a sign saying “hot jon”, when approached he is aksed what it is and as soon as he starts explaining the sound cuts out and returns just in time to hear him say “… and that’s ‘hot jon’. I was not sure if they would get the joke but they sure did. When they were walking in I held up the sign and both Edgar Wright and Nick Frost said “Aha! Hot Jon! Fanstastic.” So I was chuffed to say the least

That is seriously cool. Nice one Jon! Wikipedia has more on this.

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  1. “HOT JON” is a phonetic phrase to greet ‘Sir’ Prince Charles when Nick’s character allegedly visited the Far East

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