2 Replies to “Sauron’s eye car protection system”

  1. Do not worry about nicking the image. You have done us a service by sharing this. A Sauron’s eye for my car – what a fabulous idea! The Tesla technology is quite simple as it is clear from the inventor’s page. However, to sit inside the car while the ring is projected requires a big heart and a lot of confidence in the person building the ring. I know i would find it hard to do even if my father built the ring. There is just one thing I would like to be added to this already amazing contraption. This would be the ring being invisible. Are you with me? Just think about it. An invisible ring of fire around the car. It gives Johnny Cash’s song a whole new meaning.

  2. What a great picture. The tesla magic. Just a word of warning. Do not try this at home. This contains high energy beams which can severely hurt you permanently. I know. My friend has a lab setup in his garage and he has had many an accident playing with tesla thingys.

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