Nice iPad walk-through

As the title suggests, Macworld has published a really nice iPad walk through on youtube.

Very interesting. In particular it’s nice to see the accessories clearly demonstrated. My last post on this piece of kit generated an absolutely ridiculous number of views – north of 3,000 as of now and still climbing. I’ve read all your comments with interest and find myself in agreement with the posters who have pointed out that while the iPad looks pretty interesting right now, it will probably come into its own in a year or so when OS updates for it start to appear, apps written just for it are plentiful (or more plentiful at any rate – right now there seems to be around 3,500 in the App store) and the bugs have been worked out.

The iPhone was pretty impressive when it first appeared, but it was really with the second generation hardware and later OS updates appeared that allowed it to do cut and paste with text and a few other bits and bobs that it really came into it’s own. The same is likely to be true with this – at the moment, there’s no multitasking, no camera, no Adobe Flash compatibility and it remains pretty expensive for a piece of kit that  nobody actually needs but that would merely be very nice to have, if you get the distinction.

From the video above though, it certainly seems to be an elegantly designed machine.