Images from Japan trip, July 2012

I was in Japan for two weeks at the end of June/start of July for a combination of work and recreation – as always took lots of pictures so here is a selection. I haven’t updated this blog in a while so to be honest, I think I may have missed a trip here – I was there last November as well. If people are interested, I’ll see if I can dig out some pictures from that trip too. Enjoy.

Michie Dublin!

Regular readers of this blog (or in fact just normal people who know me!) know I have this Japan fetish thing. Been there a lot, like the country and the people, practice old style Japanese martial arts etc etc. One of the best things about visiting Japan is how fantastic the food is – it’s actually hard to find bad food in Tokyo. Getting decent Japanese food in Dublin is next to impossible, however. The few places that do it, just don’t do it well. It’s usually only average in quality and seriously overpriced.

The vegetarian combo set, costing just €9!

Anyway, I recently heard about a new Japanese restaurant and based on some recommendations, checked it out last week. Called Michie (pronounced me-chee-hey), it’s locate up a lane in Ranelagh in a tiny converted industrial unit. The owner, Michelle, told me his business is mostly based on deliveries and corporate catering bookings, but he recently put five or six tables out and opened it to the public – quite simply his food is really good. Easily the best Japanese-style sushi, norimaki, katsu currys and miso soup I’ve tasted anywhere other than Tokyo and much cheaper than the competition. If you haven’t been, check it out.

Michie has a website here:

Some nice video of Nikko

A friend of mine shot and posted this very beautiful piece of video on vimeo. It’s of the mountain town of Nikko in Japan, a famous tourist attraction a few hours north of Tokyo. I go there a fair bit when I’m visiting that country as it serves as a sort of antidote to the concrete modernity of Tokyo itself.

It’s also possible to just get lost in the woods and hear nothing but birds and insects, and know you’re not in a city park surrounded by Starbucks outlets and high speed trains.

Thanks Roger!