Get in the bag . . .

This is just classic classic satire. Dara O’Briain has become a really impressive comedian, to my mind the best to come out of Ireland in recent years.

This is pulled from youtube, and it appears to be professionally filmed footage of a gig, so it probably shouldn’t be there. However, I think material like this is important as it raises consciousness in a way that is palatable and non-patronising. As has been extensively written about elsewhere, western culture is currently in the midst of an ideological battle between reason and superstition. When differences in opinion occur and ideology is involved, people have a tendency to become extremely defensive. But it’s possible for extremely clever and intelligent people to believe irrational things, so it’s important to engage with them in a respectful manner if you really want to change their minds.

(It’s also possible for stupid people to believe stupid things, in case that needs to be said. Isn’t it funny that everyone knows people that they would say are moronically stupid, but nobody thinks of themselves as being one of them? Maybe you’re one of them? Maybe I am too? ha ha ha. Anyway . . .)

Humour can be a great tool to get people to reassess the way they view the world. Backing someone into a corner and bludgeoning them over the head with irrefutable logic may be tempting, but actually someone who feels they are under attack on a personal level is unlikely to listen with an open mind to any argument, not matter how compelling that argument appears to be. I think the clip above is actually extremely important in this regard. Thanks Dara!